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Remmele Engineering Letter to Dave Dixon

Dear Dave:

In late 2001, REI began a journey designed to transform its business model. The accompanying article presents some of that transformation, particularly as it relates to the sales and marketing focus, customer care process, and overall approach to maintaining current business and securing new customers.

Another significant part of that story, however, is not reflected in this article. In early 2002 REI selected TCA as a consultant to help initiate a World Class Lean business practices process throughout our organization. In February 2002 they trained our executive management, trainers, facilitators and a number of employees in the implementation process. TCA had been selected over 7 competing firms, after reviewing their implementation process and strategy.

Throughout 2002, REI implemented multiple Kaizen events at all 6 plants, As a result of this early implementation process, the re-focusing of the marketing efforts and a further evaluation of the then current business model, it was apparent that TCA’s assistance would be critical, in helping to develop plant structures that could support this changing business focus. With TCA facilitating the process, 3 plant layout projects were completed, consolidating 2 facilities with similar physical characteristics and business focuses. The consolidated facilities, along with the 2 other facilities, will support the marketing focus.

TCA has exceeded our expectations and has the resources to implement the Lean process across multiple sites with a diverse skill base. We continue to be a reference for other prospective clients, seeking to implement a World Class Lean business practices model.


Rich Pogue, President
Remmele Engineering

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