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TCA provides management consulting, technical assistance, and training programs to help businesses set new directions in World Class and Lean technologies. Our clients are developing Lean capabilities and applying Six Sigma Quality improvement techniques to increase profits, grow market share, and solidify long-term relationships with key customers.

Our primary mission is to help our clients prosper. We improve performance by blending our skills with the wealth of talent and expertise inherent in your organization. TCA practices include:

Vision, Strategy, and Leadership

Vision, Strategy, and Leadership Overview
• Business Analysis
World Class Boot Camp
Strategic/Business Planning
Leadership Training

Lean Business Practices

Lean Business Practice Overview
Lean Assessment
Lean Assessment /World Class Certification
Lean Healthcare
Value Stream Mapping
Value Engineering/Value Analysis
• Automation Concepts
Lean Boot Camp
Lean Implementation Coaching
Facilities Planning
Facilities Consolidation
Setup Time Reduction
5S Implementation
Work Measurement
Kaizen Improvement Programs
     • Quick and Easy Kaizen Training
Administrative Lean Programs

ERP For Lean/Systems and Resource Management

ERP for Lean Overview
Systems and Resource Management (SRM)
Sales Production Inventory (SPI)
Production and Materials Management
• Business Enterprise Systems Implementation
• Software Selection

Customer-Focused People

Customer Focused People Overview
Recruiting, Selection, and Placement
World Class Leadership
     • Supervisor Training
     • Team Building
     • Performance Coaching
     • Personnel Development
     • Communication Skills
     • Conflict Resolution
     • Leadership Skills
Skill-Based and Performance-Based Pay Systems
In-House Job Skills Training Programs
• Gainsharing Programs

Six Sigma

Six Sigma Overview
TCA Six Sigma Program
     • Six Sigma Boot Camp
     • Six Sigma Belt Certifications
     • Reliability Engineering
     • Statistical Tools
• ISO 9000 Quality System Design
     • AS9100 Preparation Consulting
Quality Management
• Quality Engineering

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